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Welcome to Intrinsic Analytics Inc.

Intrinsic Analytics is Manitoba's premier bioinformation services company. We provide personalized and customizable bioinformation and biochemical analysis for individuals, commercial enterprises and government agencies. We offer two main platforms, occupational health and personal health. In addition, we engage in health research aimed at developing new health related assays.


Drug and Alcohol Testing

Get accurate and instant results via our express (antibody based) drug tests and D.O.T. certified breathalyzer.

Lung Surveillance Program

Our Lung Surveillance Program is a medical screening program for workers who may be at risk of developing lung problems because of certain work conditions.

Respirator Fit Testing

Mask-fit or Respirator-fit testing ensures your workers are protected from airborne hazards. We test N95, Half-mask, and Full-mask respirators.

Paternity Testing

Get quick DNA results with up to 99.9999% accuracy.