HEAD OFFICE: 204-258-1500 | COLLECTION DEPOT: 204-697-TEST (8378)

Intrinsic Analytics is Manitoba’s premier bioinformation services provider. Our mission is to provide our clients with bioinformation which facilitates improved medical advocacy and promotes health and safety for individuals and enterprises. We employ a number of innovative scientific technologies to analyze physical and biological aspects of health. Our two main platforms are occupational health and personal health services. Our team boasts the highest credentials in the industry,our three directors have Ph.D. degrees in Pharmacology(2) and Physiology(1). We employ D.O.T. certified drug and alcohol technicians which exceed the Canadian standards for testing and our drug tests are approved by Health Canada. Furthermore, we contract physicians, registered nurses, physiotherapists, registered dietitians, and medical laboratory assistants who are highly skilled, registered professionals and who are licensed to practice in the provinces they work in. We manage our testing records in accordance with Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) legislation.

Our head office is located minutes from downtown Winnipeg in St. Boniface on the 3rd Floor of the Asper Institute Building located at the St. Boniface Hospital Campus. Our second Winnipeg location is in the north end of Winnipeg at 2535 Inkster Blvd. In addition, we offer a national network of clinic partners to better assist our clients.

We offer all of our clients the quality and professionalism that they deserve and we strive to ensure the most successful outcomes for our partners and their workers.