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Heavy Metals Screening Program


Heavy Metals Screening Program

Heavy metals are naturally occurring elements and typically impose a minimal health concern. However, in industrial settings where heavy metals are often found in higher concentrations, the potential health hazards to workers following continuous and long-term exposure are significantly augmented. The Canadian provinces each set their own occupational exposure limits to heavy metals, though the majority of the provinces follow the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) Threshold Limit Values (TLVs). Currently, in Manitoba, Part 36 of the Chemical and Biological Substances Regulation of the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health provides information to the employer on a chemical or biological substance present in the workplace to determine if the substance creates or may create a risk to the safety or health of a worker in the workplace.


Why is Heavy Metal Screening needed?

The major sources of emissions and exposure of heavy metals are industrial processes, combustion of fossil fuels, vehicle exhaust, mining and waste incineration industries. Metals are the oldest toxins known to man; however, the toxicity depends on many factors including the dose, route of exposure, age, sex as well as the genetics and nutritional status of an individual. Currently, there are no formal health surveillance protocols that exist to assess Manitoba workers exposed to heavy metals and, in order to preserve the health and wellbeing of Manitobans. Intrinsic Analytics offers to screen, evaluate, and monitor workers exposed to heavy metals and provide actionable feedback and data to employers.


What toxins are being monitored?

Arsenic (As), cadmium (Cd), chromium (Cr), lead (Pb) and mercury (Hg) are the heavy metals that are most documented to exhibit and exert harmful effects on human health, while there is also a significant amount of information regarding the harmful effects of human exposure to cobalt (Co), molybdenum (Mo) and nickel (Ni). Indeed, these metals do not have any specific role in an organism and can be toxic even at low levels. For more information about the dangers of these heavy metals, please see our heavy metals info sheet. Working with gold standard technology, Intrinsic Analytics is capable of testing for all of these toxins through either a blood or urine sample.


Why use Intrinsic Analytics for Heavy Metal Testing?

Intrinsic Analytics is currently the only provider that offers screening for heavy metal toxins in Manitoban workers. Using technology that exists at the pinnacle of international regulations, Intrinsic Analytics guarantees swift and accurate results to ensure the health and well-being of Manitoban workers. Additionally, Intrinsic Analytics has a unique partnership with occupational Physicians who specialize in occupational disease surveillance.