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Drug & Alcohol Testing


What is a drug test or alcohol test?

A drug test is a method used to determine the presence or absence of a drug metabolite in a biological specimen. An alcohol test detects the presence of alcohol in an individual by detecting either ethanol in breath or a by-product of ethanol in urine. Drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace results in health and safety hazards leading to staggering costs from lost productivity and worker’s compensation claims. Intrinsic Analytics offers numerous tests to identify prescription and non-prescription drugs of abuse.

How is a drug test conducted?

Intrinsic Analytics offers many options when it comes to drug testing. We offer both express drug testing (instant results) and laboratory based drug testing. We can identify single metabolites to multi-metabolite arrays in a variety of biological specimens, such as urine, saliva and hair. Our technicians are trained professionals that provide testing in a clean environment using reliable testing devices approved by Health Canada.


What makes Intrinsic Analytics a leader in drug and alcohol testing?

Intrinsic Analytics has designed programs and protocols for numerous companies. We provide the highest standards of testing and training in the industry. Intrinsic Analytics can help your company achieve a safe and healthy work environment by designing custom drug-free workplace programs. In addition we also offer pre-access testing for those individuals attending worksites with programs already in place. Drug and alcohol programs can be a component of a larger occupational health program (see occupational health services for a list of program components). We offer drug-free programs for both Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated and non-regulated employees.

Who needs to be tested?

For non-DOT regulated companies who have drug-free policies for their workers, employees may be required to test for pre-employment, pre-access, random, post-accident, reasonable cause or reasonable suspicion and return to duty.


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Intrinsic Analytics is Manitoba’s premier bioinformation services company. We provide personalized and customizable bioinformation and biochemical analysis for individuals, commercial enterprises and government agencies. We offer two main platforms, occupational health and personal health. In addition, we engage in health research aimed at developing new health related assays.

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