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Respirator Fit Testing / Mask Fit Testing

What is respirator fit testing / mask fit testing?

Respirator fit testing / mask fit testing ensures that the use of a respirator or mask meets the individual needs of the person who is using it. Respirators are commonly used for protection from respiratory hazards, such as silica and airborne pathogens. There are three basic styles of respirators that a worker can be fit tested for: N95 respirator, Half Facepiece respirator or Full Facepiece respirator. Intrinsic Analytics performs fit testing for all three respirator styles. There are two different types of respirator fit testing methods, qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative respirator fit testing is generally unreliable due to a number of subjective factors; it does not ensure proper protection. Quantitative respirator fit testing relies on particle analysis to ensure respirator integrity and performance. Intrinsic Analytics only offers quantitative respirator fit testing. Click Here for Respirator Fit Testing FAQs.

How is the mask fit test conducted?

At Intrinsic Analytics our respirator fit program ensures that your workers can be confident in the respirator they are using. First, we ensure that the worker is able to demonstrate proper donn and doff techniques. Second, we confirm that their respirator fit maintains the integrity for which the respirator was designed. Third, we educate the worker on the importance of maintaining respirator integrity in various environments that they may experience. Finally, we ensure that they understand what conditions may warrant re-testing. Intrinsic Analytics aims to meet the needs of our clients by offering respirators for sale for those individuals who do not currently possess a respirator (new workers) or for those workers whose respirators fail to meet the integrity requirements during the respirator fit testing process. For your convenience you can now ensure the proper fit of the respirator before you buy at either of our Winnipeg locations. Please visit our online shop (https://intrinsic-analytics.myshopify.com/) to see which models we currently have for sale and please let us know if there are items of interest not listed in our catalog.


What makes Intrinsic Analytics a leader in mask fit testing?

Many industrial companies and healthcare professionals have come to depend on Intrinsic Analytics for properly fitting their employees and students with respirators. Intrinsic Analytics uses TSI PortaCount® respirator fit testing systems for quantitative respirator fitting. We take real-time particle measurements both inside and outside of the respirator while the user is wearing it and performs a series of exercises that are designed to mimic similar movements made in a real work environment. Quantitative respirator fit testing is the only method that should be considered when trying to ensure that respirator integrity is being properly maintained. Our technicians perform quantitative respirator fit testing which meets the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) (CAN/CSA-Z94.4-18) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) (29 CFR 1910.134 and 29 CFR 1926.103) guidelines for testing.

In many workplaces a respirator and a proper respirator fit test are only components of an employee’s respiratory protection program. For example, workers that may be exposed to asbestos are enrolled in Intrinsic Analytics’ Fibrogenic Dust Monitoring Program. Our program also includes Surveillance, Spirometry, and Chest X-Rays after various levels of exposure. In addition, we often provide guidance to companies on the governmental reporting requirements that accompany such testing.

Who needs to be tested?

There are several regulations describing the appropriate use of respirators. The Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulations specify that qualified employees must wear National Institute for Safety and Health (NIOSH)-approved respirators in accordance with CSA guidelines. Health surveillance is required prior to first use of a respirator, followed by ongoing periodic monitoring which is recommended annually but required at least bi-annually.


Respirator Fit Testing FAQ and PDFs

Visit our Respirator Fit Testing FAQ and PDFs downloads page for more information.

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