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Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Our D.O.T. certified and Breath Alcohol Technicians perform drug and alcohol testing which meets the strict standards set out by the United States Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) and meets or exceeds all Canadian standards. We offer highly accurate express drug testing which provides immediate antibody-based test results and we also offer lab based testing which meets the “gold standard” in drug metabolite detection and identification. We use one of the most advanced breath alcohol detection and confirmation devices on the market which also meets the strict D.O.T. requirements.


Our drug testing services are performed in a quick, non-invasive and methodically accurate manner using urine, oral fluid, and hair samples.

Our express antibody-based drug tests range from 5 to 12 panels and capture the most commonly used illicit drugs and abused prescription medications.

Our Lab-based drug tests are processed and sent for analysis. Lab-based testing can be used to confirm results from an express test or it may also be ordered on its own to identify other less common drug metabolites or to provide greater sensitivity in detection of drug metabolites.

Who may benefit from Drug & Alcohol Testing

  1. Pre-employment testing (not covered by an employer)
  2. Athletic competition testing (prior to events or enrolment)
  3. Parents concerned with drug and alcohol use in their homes
  4. Private Individuals concerned with drug free status

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