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Metabolomic Testing

Metabolomic Testing

Our technicians collect body fluid specimens (blood, urine, saliva) and test for the presence of biological markers of general and specific aspects of your health. Our metabolite panels range from individual metabolite markers to complex multi-system arrays.

Metabolomic Testing involves the detection of metabolites produced by your cells as part of the building and breakdown of larger molecules. We assay for specific metabolites that are associated with various health conditions. Next, we analyze them find out if your levels of each metabolite are comparable to the levels that have been associated with various conditions based on clinical research studies. Finally, we provide you with a comprehensive report of your results with references to research studies that highlight the metabolites assayed. THIS IS NOT A DIAGNOSTIC TOOL DESIGNED TO DIAGNOSE DISEASE. However, it remains a very powerful tool in obtaining bioinformation that can be evidence of disease states or disease progression. At its simplest form, we can detect basic levels of a metabolite (vitamins, minerals, cholesterol) and compare your levels with that of prescribed level that you may want to achieve. At the other end of the spectrum, we can test for complex panels of metabolites and provide you with a photograph of an entire metabolic pathway.

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Intrinsic Analytics is Manitoba’s premier bioinformation services company. We provide personalized and customizable bioinformation and biochemical analysis for individuals, commercial enterprises and government agencies. We offer two main platforms, occupational health and personal health. In addition, we engage in health research aimed at developing new health related assays.

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