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Paternity Testing

Paternity Testing

Our technicians collect DNA-specific specimens for analysis of paternity and familial linkages. In addition, we can analyze your DNA for gene mutations that maybe associated with various disease states. Results can often be obtained within a few days of the test with up to 99.9999% accuracy. We guarantee all of our collections and our prices always include shipping.

A child contains genetic material inherited from both its biological parents. Paternity testing involves comparing genetic material from a father with a child looking for genetic commonality between them. Advancements in DNA sequencing technology now allows us to provide up to 99.9999% accuracy when establishing paternity. During the test, a buccal swab specimen (oral cheek cells) is collected from the child and the alleged father. DNA is extracted from the samples and a comparative analysis using 16 – 25 genetic markers reveals consistencies between the two samples. The number of consistencies common to both samples identifies whether there is a direct genetic link between the two individuals. The participation of the mother is always encouraged in a paternity test as it adds power to the results. At Intrinsic Analytics, we provide paternity tests for personal information as well as for legal purposes.

Familial Linkage Tests

Our familial linkage tests can be used to establish a variety of relationships between relatives. At Intrinsic Analytics, we offer the following types of relationship testing:

Sibling Test: A full sibling test can determine if siblings share both of the same parents. DNA from both siblings and one common parent is required for this test. A half-sibling test can determine whether alleged siblings are indeed siblings. DNA from both alleged siblings is required. However, addition of any alleged common parent’s DNA will provide greater power to the results. In all cases, sampling of the mother’s DNA is highly recommended for more conclusive results.

Grandparentage Testing: This test can determine whether the grandparents and grandchild are biologically related. This type of test can also be used in cases where the alleged father is unavailable for a paternity test; the parents of the alleged father can provide DNA samples which would have contributed to the alleged father’s DNA profile. Paternity can then be established by comparison of genetic material between the alleged father and child.

Avuncular Testing: This test can be performed to determine whether an aunt or uncle is biologically related a niece or nephew. This test can also be used in cases where the alleged father is unavailable for a paternity test. The sibling of the alleged father can provide a DNA sample to help determine parentage. Like all other DNA tests, the addition of the mother’s DNA sample is encouraged to provide greater power to the results.

Genetic Mutation Test

Genetic mutation testing involves the analysis of your DNA profile in order to determine if a particular gene of interest has a known mutation that has been identified as being associated with a particular disease or condition. This information can be invaluable in assessing your potential risk for developing a disease. More importantly, it may allow you to modify your lifestyle in order to positively impact your future health.

Intrinsic Analytics offers a wide variety of DNA testing services that are conducted by an ISO17025 and AABB accredited laboratory.

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