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Audiometric Testing

What is audiometric testing?

Audiometric testing establishes and monitors an employee’s hearing sensitivity and acuity. Noise in the workplace is one of the most prevalent occupational health hazards. Exposure to high levels of noise causes hearing loss and may cause other harmful health effects. Hearing loss can develop slowly and subtly and requires regular monitoring. Industrial audiometric testing provides a means of early detection of noise-induced hearing loss. Early intervention and education regarding noise reduction in the workplace are key components in maintaining a healthy work environment.

How is an audiometric test conducted?

First, individuals will complete a hearing surveillance questionnaire to uncover any history of hearing abnormalities or any conditions that may have an impact on testing. Second, an otoscopic ear examination of the outer and middle ear structures is performed in order to identify any abnormalities that may impede the ability to hear pure tone sounds. Third, the individual will enter our sound booth where they are subjected to a series of different frequencies and tones. Finally, Intrinsic Analytics will analyze the resulting audiogram and provide recommendations


What makes Intrinsic Analytics a leader in audiometric testing?

Intrinsic Analytics’ licensed Industrial Audiometric Technicians provide hearing conservation programs or periodic testing for companies with programs already in place. All of our audiometric tests are conducted in specially engineered sound proof booths to ensure acoustic integrity and produce the highest quality and reliability of testing. We use leading edge hearing conservation program software to provide our clients with easy to read reporting. In addition we provide education on how to implement hearing conservation strategies at work and we often provide guidance to companies on the governmental reporting requirements that accompany such testing. Intrinsic Analytics meets or exceeds all regulations in accordance with Part 12 of the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health standards (M.R. 217/2006) as well as most other Jurisdictions safety regulations, including Occupational Safety & health Administration (OSHA) 29 CFR 1910.95(g)

Who needs to be tested?

Part 12 of the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health standards states that employers must provide and maintain an audiometric testing program for all noise exposed employees under the following conditions.

If the 8 hour average noise exposure level is equal to or greater than 80 dBA, employers should provide their workers with education on the hazards of noise exposure. Additionally, employers should provide their employees with sufficient hearing protection.

If the 8 hour average noise exposure level is equal or greater than 85 dBA, employers must submit their employees for annual audiometric testing as part of a hearing conservation program. Note that all new employees that may be subjected to 85 dBAs of average noise exposure during an 8 hour day must undergo a baseline audiometric test within 70 days of commencing employment.


Decibels   Loudness Comparisons
109 dBA   Permitted Daily Exposure: 2 Minutes
Rock Concert, Power Saw at 3ft
100 dBA   Permitted Daily Exposure:15 Minutes
Gas Lawn Mower at 3ft
95 dBA   Permitted Daily Exposure:1 hour
Electric Drill
90 dBA   Permitted Daily Exposure:2 hours
Truck Traffic
85 dBA   Permitted Daily Exposure:8 hours
City Traffic, Diesel Truck at 50 ft travelling 50mph

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