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Hearing Conservation Program

What is the Hearing Conservation Program?

In Canada, the federal government, through the Occupational Health and Safety Act requires the (OHS), employers to provide a safe working environment for the employees. An employer must take all reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of their employees at their workplace. Employers must do their due diligence to work with SAFE Work Manitoba to design and implement a hearing conservation program where it is needed. Intrinsic Analytics offers the Hearing Conservation Program for employers that ensures all legislative and safety provisions are met as per the national standards.


What are the elements of the Hearing Conservation Program

  • Hazard identification and exposure assessments
  • Control methods
  • Hearing protection devices (appropriate selection, maintenance and use)
  • Audiometric testing
  • Hazard communication, training, and continued education
  • Recordkeeping
  • Continuous program reviews


When should a Hearing Conservation Program be implemented?

Part 12 of the Manitoba Regulation 217/2006 Workplace Safety and Health Regulation states that employers must conduct a noise exposure assessment if employees are exposed to noise at their workplace greater than 80 dBA, or if any of the following may result in a significant change in an employee’s exposure to noise:

  • There is an alteration, renovation or repair of the workplace
  • New equipment is introduced to the workplace
  • Modifications are made to a work process

Also, a noise exposure assessment must be conducted if an employee provides their employer with evidence of occupationally induced hearing loss.


How should noise exposure be controlled?

As part of the Hearing Conservation Program, recommendations will be made to the employer on methods to control noise exposure in the following order before providing hearing protection devices:

  • Eliminating the hazard
  • Engineering control
  • Substitution of equipment
  • Administrative controls

If hearing protection is required, the employer must ensure that their employees are adequately trained and instructed by a competent person in its selection, fit, use and maintenance.


Audiometric Testing as part of the Program

Audiometry is crucial element in the Hearing Conservation Program as it is the only way to determine if noise-induced hearing loss is occurring. For more information, click here


Intrinsic Analytics’ Program Review

As part of the Hearing Conservation Program, Intrinsic Analytics conducts a yearly audit to ensure that each of the programs’ elements are being implemented correctly and efficiently based on current legislation, technologies and research.